The difference between Inti Bali soaps and other soaps

People often ask us, “What is the difference between the Inti Bali soaps and other soaps sold in Bali?” If put simply, the effect and quality of a soap are determined by it’s ingredients. We use natural plantoils that were used in Europe for skin care since the ancient times. In addition, we use high quality glycerin to enhance the moisturizing effect, aroma therapeutic pure essential oils, and other ingredients imported from all over the world. Inti Bali soaps may be a little pricier compared to other soaps due to the pricy ingredients, but we would like to take pride in the comfortable texture and effects that these soaps provide.

Theoretically speaking, we could decrease the prices by completely replacing our plant oils with relatively low priced coconut oil, and using artificial scents instead of pure essential oils. However, in our opinion, the strong detergency of coconut oils may possibly damage the skin if the soap was made 100% from coconut oil. This is why we would only use soaps made 100% from coconut oil for the kitchen and laundry. And of course, if we used artificial scents, it would not be Inti Bali anymore.

Some other “hand made soaps” are a combination of a ready-made soap base with unknown components and artificial scents. Some confuse the meaning of “hand made” and “natural”.. We are confident that the Inti Bali soaps will provide a far better effect than those soaps.

The people that are used to using liquid body soap may find Inti Bali soaps difficult to foam. However, we believe that those with sensitive skin will surely know the difference.



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