Shop Information

Address: GrahaDewataAsih No.5 Jl. By Pass NgurahRai No.9X BlanjongSanur Bali
Telephone: 0361-913-3500
Opening hours: 9am ~ 7pm (closed only on Nyepi)
Payments: Rupiah, USD, Yen, credit cards (3% bank charges)


Firstly, look out for the signs of ‘Yamaha motors’ and ‘Kopi Bali House’. Inti Bali is located in by pass Sanur between Yamaha Motors and Kopi Bali House (within 100m)

From Kuta = Kopi Bali House will be on the other side of the by pass (right side). Go straight, turn at the U turn and Inti Bali is 50m before Kopi Bali House.

From Ubud = pass the red lights at KFC, pass the one at McDonald’s, and and go straight at the red light next to Yamaha Motors. (Yamaha is on the left side) The circle K sign can be seen 300m ahead. Inti Bali is 50m before that. Please call our shop if you have any confusion. If you are in a taxi or a chartered car and the driver doesn’t know where it is, our Indonesian staffs will be able to explain to them 

Below is the directions explained in Indonesian:

Sanur Blanjon Dari arah timur atau dari arah Ubud:
±3km, setelah lampu merah McDonald Sanur Ketemu perempatan lampu merah Dealer YAMAHA, Dari Dealer YAMAHA ±300m, inti Bali di kiri jalan atau ±50m sebelum Circle K atau Copi Bali House.

Dari arah Barat atau dari Kuta:
Putar balik di perempatan lampu merah dekat Dealer YAMAHA. Dari Dealer YAMAHA ±300m, inti Bali di kiri jalan atau ±50m sebelum Circle K atau Copi Bali House.

Above is a picture of a page from a Japanese magazine.
All Inti Bali products are made from 100% natural ingredients carefully selected from all over the world. We have products such as natural aroma soaps, aroma oil, body oil, cream and lotion, and natural salt. In addition, we have selected several general merchandises to offer in our store.

We have four different size for our original gift bags, so please feel free
to let us know which size and how many :)

Hope to see you at our store!

“20minutes from Nusa Dua to Sanur”

We have received an email from a tour agent asking where the closest Inti Bali store from Nusa Dua was. As the new highway is built, we feel that the main shop in Sanur would be the closest. From the highway to the end of Sanur takes around 10minutes, and assuming that red lights would take about 10 minutes, it would be around 20 minutes from Nusa Dua to Sanur! Sanur is now easily accessible from Nusa Dua Please come and enjoy the things we have in Sanur!
p.s. Taxis would cost around 120k – 150k + 10k for highway



    • andi
    • 2015年 2月 18日

    still sale the salt drop cause i need the salt drop

      • intibali
      • 2015年 2月 18日

      Yes, we have. How many bottles you need?

        • andi
        • 2015年 2月 19日

        how much per bottle? 250ml per bottle? maybe 5 if only 250ml per bottle

          • intibali
          • 2015年 2月 19日

          Dear Andi, each bottle contains 230ml.

    • evelin
    • 2015年 5月 17日


    I purchased a lavender tea tree soap at one of the bazaar in jakarta. I want to purchase it again. Can you deliver to jakarta ? do you have store in jakarta? Thanks


      • intibali
      • 2015年 5月 17日

      Thank you for your comment. We can send our products to Jakarta from Bali!

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